Victory takes great pride in the design, quality and strength of their products. They specialize in custom hook development and production and proudly serve lure manufacturers and custom tackle makers who demand the highest quality hooks in the industry.

With A Name Like Victory…

You need a brand as strong as your name. The “V” letterform offered a perfect opportunity to showcase that strength with a bold typeface that carried heft, while the housing element brings it all together.

From Packaging to Pullovers

Victory hooks are the choice of professionals. They live up to their demands with razor-sharp points and the strength to pull in championship lunkers. And the brand looks razor sharp on its packaging and its wearables. “Winning. That’s the Point.”

A Hook by Any Other Name…

…is just a hook. Victory takes craftsmanship and years of expertise and turns Belgium steel into art.

See Something You Like?

We would love to talk with you about any needs you may have to help move the needle forward.