Customers looking for new appliances do their research online, then visit a store when they’re ready to purchase. LG looks to us to create effective in-store point of purchase that helps customers see why LG is the right choice.

Reflecting on Top Features for this Flagship Mirrored Fridge

Highlighting competitive advantages, hidden features and consumer benefits, as well as educating customers, closes the gap on their decision-making process.

Laundry POP That Stands Out

Visually stunning and smart callouts make LG appliances relevant to consumers. We print a tinted ink over PET plastic to create translucent exterior pieces, so content is more visible across different colored appliance finishes.

Don’t Forget to Look Inside

Vacuums have come a long way. We needed to ensure shoppers knew all the hidden features that make LG’s new all-in-one stick vacs stand out.

Feature Rich and Dinner is Ready

UltraHeat Burners, Wi-Fi and an InstaView® Window that lights with a knock—all in a range. But look inside and find bright white pieces created to stand out inside a dark range, with premium food photography customers can almost smell it cooking.

In-Store Displays that Let the Appliances Do the Talking

In high-traffic areas (called “racetracks” and “endcaps”) we use displays and large fixtures to get our message to customers from a distance. These simple displays become a destination to shoppers nearing the end of their shopping journey and are filled with working appliances and strategic information to help them decide why LG is a smart decision.

See Something You Like?

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